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craggles® – the clever trivet

space-saving, colourful and funny

They protect your table from hot pans, pots and baking dishes in a stylish way.

A real original! For more than 10 years they have been doing their job unchanged – and now it’s time for a new product… Curious? Register now on and be among the first to get to know the creggles®. They are not “just” a trivet. A little hint is in the name of the new product. 😜

The advantages



Whether you want to put small or large pans, baking trays or gratin dishes on your table, craggles always fit.


The extremely small parts can be packed tightly together and thus require practically no space to store them.


Thanks to their innovative shape and silicone material, craggles are non-slip and at the same time gentle to the table surface.

Heat resistant

You can put almost everything that comes from the stove or oven directly on the craggles, they are heat resistant up to 220°C.

Unique design

Craggles not only look funny but are also very functional. Here you will find out everything you need to know about the smartest trivet of all times.


You have the choice between the unbeatable original, the craggles in the unmistakable round tin and the noble gift box.

advertising gift

Craggles are also ideal as a promotional gift or advertising material. It is possible to use different packaging and also print your own logos on the traditional cans.

That’s how it works!

Really good, but there is something new coming!

Are you curious what the new product can do? A hint is in the name of the new product – find out more on!